01 September 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date

Rumor Mill continued to produce iPhone 5 Release Date. A week ago, it was as new businesses that the iPhone will be launched in five Sepetember-2011. Well, here's another rumor out of 5 Date iPhone the first day of the month. If we believe all D, for the next five-generation iPhone will be launched in October. So all these rumors are true that the iPhone September 5th fifth or second week in September will be released?

"Sources of knowledge of the situation, said the reports that AT & T is on holiday in the last two weeks in September blackened in preparation for the start of next iPhone details are misinformed. Instead, it will be a surprise in the months October -. in the Apple iPhone will launch its next generation "

A source close to Apple's plans said, all things "I do not know why the call to AT & T for all hands on deck this week, but not the iPhone to begin with." To meet the question of when we can expect the company to unpack the five iPhone? A source said simply, "October", while declining to give a start date in October last five iPhones.

Retrieved recent All Things D is a very reliable information that all the good things D is to provide reliable sources familiar with Apple products can be connected. IOS 5 released in the fall is the only concrete information we have available so far. 5 iPhone would not be released until the IOS 5 must be immediately operational. And Friday, September 23 is the first day of autumn was the sense that October is a month for the iPhone, probably five, after all.

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